In this article I will briefly describe the vision for Layered Bible. Over time I hope to accumulate additional articles explaining in-depth various aspects of this vision. I am always open and eager to hear the feedback of others.

Immediate Vision:

  • To create a commentary series which provides historical, grammatical, contextual, and theological insight into Scripture in a manner that is accessible to the lay reader.
  • To divide this series in such a manner as to facilitate daily scripture readings and to allow for a lay student to accomplish a tour of the entire Scriptures within a period of several years.
  • To provide a series which provokes the reader to intense spiritual and mental action and encourages further inquiry.
  • To make this series available for free via the internet and at low cost in traditional print methods.
  • To deliver similar informational content as would be available from undergraduate biblical studies.

Long-Term Vision:

  • After the completion of the initial commentaries on each book of the bible to repeat the process revising and revamping the commentaries. This should occur on an ongoing basis – never will a work be considered completed and revisions will be released regularly.
  • To create supplementary volumes which are referenced within the main commentaries offering in-depth studies of specific theological, historical, cultural, and grammatical topics.
  • To create supplementary volumes which offer a summary of historical and contemporary interpretations of passages – orthodox and unorthodox – for further study.
  • To offer all of these volumes for free via the internet and at low cost in print.