While Layered Bible is my (Dave Mackey) project, I must acknowledge that I am building heavily on the shoulders of others (though all issues with the content of Layered Bible remain my own). I am especially indebted to Dr. Bob Utley of Bible Lessons International for giving me permission to utilize and re-imagine his able scholarship. Dr. Utley wrote commentaries on every book of the Bible, and at least for the first few revisions, the commentaries found on this site are largely facsimiles of his commentaries.

Who Am I?

I never know exactly how to answer that question…so I’ll just tell you a few facts about myself that will hopefully provide you with a somewhat satisfactory answer.

My name is Dave Mackey. I currently work as a Systems Administrator for Philadelphia Biblical University which also happens to be my alma mater from whence I received a Bachelors in Biblical Studies with an Emphasis on Pastoral Ministries.

I’m also an elder at Calvary Community Church and lead the Nomads (7th-12th) youth ministry.

I tend to think of myself as a curator. I love gathering information and providing the best resources and information to others – and consuming it myself. This is largely the inspiration for Layered Bible – the hope to curate the available materials in a way that illuminates the Scriptures and fosters growth in myself and others.

I have a wonderful wife (Charity) of eight years who is my constant support and encouragement. We live with our four cats (Hermione, (William) Barclay, John (Piper), and George (MacDonald)) in a small house.