Gospel of Mark: First Draft Complete.

It has been a long time coming. My first blog post on this site regarding Layered Bible was in 2009, and the idea had been germinating in me for several years prior to this. Now, the first commentary has been released (1st Draft). I’ve just added the last four chapters (13, 14, 15, 16) and updated the bibliography¬†(see bottom of page for PDF link).

You may notice that chapters 13, 14 reflect version “0.5” while all others are 1.0. This is b/c I am not completely happy with 13, 14 and they will undergo a significant rewrite, while in all the other chapters I expect the rewrites to be minor though there will be an ongoing addition of content as time progresses.

Writing this commentary has taken around 16 weeks (4 months). I expect that some books will take less (I have a large amount of research pre-compiled on Jonah, Nahum, Matthew, and Galatians while certain narrative books will require less commentary – e.g. Genesis, Exodus) and others more (e.g. I expect Romans to be a bear…and I may join John Calvin in his disclaimer to not understanding Revelation as an excuse not to write a book on it).

Feel free to send me questions, comments, or criticisms based on the text as it is. I know of some of its weaknesses, but many others will take a fresh pair or eyes to discover.

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