A Layered Bible Update.

It has been a few months since I posted to this blog and it has been a shorter while since I’ve posted a new upload to the Layered Bible commentaries. I suppose it is time to share yet once again what is going on in my thoughts and what exactly I am trying to accomplish.

At each step Layered Bible is bigger and more challenging than I could have imagined. It does not deter me – but it does mean that I find myself going through constant fits and starts.

Over the last period of months I tried using Utley’s commentaries as the base text and then reducing them to more lay-mans language and adding additional thoughts as appropriate. I was not satisfied with the results.

So, then I began writing the commentaries myself – based on reading I did. I was more happy with these results (and continued to utilize Utley’s commentaries amongst others in the process), but I also found myself unable to maintain the pace of a chapter a week.

If I spent a few hours each day studying and writing the commentary I think I could do it – but working as I do and then working with the church and trying to have some semblance of a life – well, they all consume time and I must sleep sometimes.

My choice was either to cut something important from my life (e.g. work, church, family) which I cannot do or to compromise on the quality of the commentaries. Granted, the commentaries might be “good enough” – but I was not satisfied with their quality.

So, for now, I am implementing a new system which I expect will take significantly longer to bring to fruition but which I hope will also bring a high quality product in the end – and also (I hope) allow me to make use of all the studying I am doing now even if further revisions are required.

For those who are interested in the system I have implemented…here it is:

  1. I have a Layered Bible folder. Inside this folder is a folder for each book of the Bible.
  2. As I read through a book I create three separate files for each chapter in this folder:
    1. Dave’s Notes – These are my reflections and questions of the text. I attempt to look at what questions stand out to me at first approach to the text, what questions others might have, as well as how the Lord leads me and teaches me as I read the text.
    2. Reference Notes – These are notes of importance I have taken from the various commentaries I have read. I attempt to be somewhat extensive in this area while at the same time limiting myself to content which I believe is actually useful. In particular, I look for answers to the questions I have about the text or think others may have.
    3. Actual Notes – These are the synthesis of my own notes and the reference notes I have collected. When a chapter is completed and I am satisfied with the end result – this is where each chapter will reside.

My plan is to publish the Actual Notes as they are completed…and I hope they will be of use to others. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this new progression.

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