Chronicling Layered Bible – From Inception to the Present.

I wanted to take a few brief moments to chronicle the development of Layered Bible since its inception – just to demonstrate that I am committed to this project and that it is experiencing ongoing enhancements.

  • 2005~ – I am first burdened with the desire for a commentary that provides in-depth historical, grammatical, and theological insights for the lay reader.
  • Aug. 2007 – I register the Layered Bible domain.
  • May 2009 – I launch a basic rendition of the site requesting feedback on the project idea. I began with Proverbs.
  • July 2010 – My efforts on Proverbs faltered, no publishable material is created, and I reboot the project with Nahum.
  • Aug. 2011 – My efforts on Nahum also falter, no publishable material is created, and I reboot the project with Matthew – using Utley’s commentaries as a base layer.
  • Sept. 17, 2011 – I’ve completed a significant portion of the initial commentary layer for Matthew and also begun on Galatians.

My goal is to complete a first draft of the entire Old and New Testaments within five years – so around Sept. 2016. While I am currently moving at the pace of one chapter a week I expect to expedite this pace somewhat while moving through select books/chapters – e.g. some shorter books, the Psalms, chronologies, and so on.

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