Starting Over with Nahum?

A year has passed since I decided to begin a commentary on Proverbs. I had planned to have it ready to go by this time – I failed. I don’t care to go into the details of what has consumed my time and energies over the past year – but life has been filled with work and ministry (praise God). So what now?

  1. I’m leaving my studies of Proverbs for the time being. Instead I’m undertaking a smaller book (Nahum). With only three chapters this will provide me with a “easier” place to work out my methodology.
  2. I’m reducing my expectations of myself regarding research before writing the volume. My goal is an orthodox, evangelical volume – not to innovate. For this reason I will reserve myself to a few commentaries and will not attempt to settle or innovate upon outstanding disputes. At this juncture (for Nahum) this looks to be the NAC, NICOT, NIVAC, DSB, and BKC.
  3. That said, I’ll still be spending a lot of time with the text itself – albeit through translations (I don’t know Hebrew) – I expect the NLT, NJB, NASB, NIV, NET, ESV, MSG, Lexham, and so on to play a significant role through repeated readings.
  4. I hope to complement these personal studies with discussions (in-person) with various individuals who have familiarity with Nahum and may be able to provide insights and comments which will be useful in the final volume.
  5. I’m reminding myself that b/c this is a free volume that will be largely delivered online I can considered it a first draft and yet publish it. I will use an iterative approach and hopefully in twenty years I will be able to present a volume which has been expanded with the knowledge I will accumulate in the meantime. At the same time, I believe this volume will be useful.

I expect the next volume after Nahum to be Jonah – a personal favorite of mine. Yes, yes, I’m going chronologically backwards. =)

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